Casualties of Fibro

Today I again felt the pain of loss thanks to fibro. I lost another friend who simply said that they can’t deal with the drama of fibro. I trust so few people to see how it really affects me. I thought I had a friend I could confide in. A true friend. She couldn’t handle me calling to talk on my really down, depressed days. She couldn’t handle me needing some help on the really bad painful days. My forgetting things thanks to fibro fog was annoying to her. Me talking to her about how scary some of my symptoms were to me was too much. So another friendship is laid to rest. Keeping my invisable illness a secret seems to be the way to go. It gets so lonely and so depressing. In those times I just want to cry and sometimes I do. So I smile, make them think I’m happy. Laugh and say that things are fine. Hide that empty longing deep inside. Don’t ever show it just keep my heart concealed. 


2 thoughts on “Casualties of Fibro

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. it is hard to find someone to confide in and share your pain feeling about finro. However, we do need to talk about it to someone. If we do not, it seems to hurt worse, and begin to feel like someone is using your body as a bean bag, but you cannot say that it hurts. Hiding the pain of fibro has become second natire to me as well. The longer you hide it, the more depressed you become, the more pain you have, and the less sleep you get. So, don’t hide it, you can talk about it freely, this is what we are here for. We all need each other.

  2. Oatsie says:

    I am sorry to hear about your former friend. You should not have to go through fibro alone. Hiding your pain will not help YOU–it will just help other people to be more comfortable. And frankly, I think people need to be uncomfortable sometimes.

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